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The life story of Richie Ros is a testament to the human spirit and to the cathartic healing nature of music. Growing up in a state run orphanage in Limerick city, Richie recalls feeling confused as to why his life was unfolding in the way that it was. It was on Richie's 11th birthday that his long sought after guitar eventually materialised from a teacher who taught him he’s very first song on the guitar “Johnny Be Goode”. To cope with such emotional turmoil Richie began writing and performing his own songs and he developed his own inner world where his emotions were expressed through music. Despite the trauma of his early years, Richie refused to let his past define him. Richie had no control over the events in his life but the one thing he did have control over was his attitude. 

Fate found him David Odlum, Grammy Award winning producer formerly of The Frames, who having liked the demo agreed to produce Richie’s Debut album at Black box studio in France. The album was fittingly called “Odyssey” – the journey of a young boy who in spite of all the odds stacked against him had worked to create his own fairytale. The music in his soul had, in his own words, finally “set him free”. Discovering the fallibility of fairytales at an early age prompted Richie to undertake his own personal journey, that has since culminated in his unique debut record “Odyssey”. Dreamy, timeless and melodic, Richie’s music is a vehicle for his inner emotions. Garnished with thoughtful lyrics and uplifting harmonics, at times bluesy and jazzy, Richie Ros maintains his own particular ballad expression underscored with haunting melancholic vocals........


"Moon River" - Live Acoustic Cover

"Sweet Serenade|" Original Live Acoustic

Debut EP "Odyssey"

"To Infinity And Beyond" Original Studio (Preview)

"Fairytales" Original Studio (Preview)

"Strange Mentality" Original Studio (Preview)

"Sweet Serenade" Original Studio (Preview)


"Moon River" (Acoustic Live Cover)




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