Hi There and a very big hello to you if you are reading this blog. Well here it is, my very first blog! This is a Richie Ros blog (go on the Richie Ros!!). Its something I have been wanting to do for a while now but as with a lot of things, I have been putting it off. I will try to keep the blogging up and I hope to do 2 blogs per month. So what should I blog about? Well, it's gonna be all about my passion for music and life. I live for music and I love life so I guess thats a pretty good place to start. 

Over the last couple of years, I have completely immersed myself in my music and for this I am truly grateful that I have been given this opportunity in life. So I hope to share some of my taught's and experiences with you. I will also be writing short posts so that I can share my music, new videos, releases and up coming shows with you all. Very exciting!! ;)

I'd love to get feedback from you, so please do leave a comment. R.R ;)

Please Check out "Moon River" recorded live at Scotia's grave. Tell your granny!