Attitude is everything!

Attitude is everything! So what does this exactly mean. Well personally it means it's the one thing that we as humans have complete control over. A good friend of mine gave me this piece of laminated card a few years back and I have it stuck to the back of my door and I often read it before I leave the house. It reads....

While I was reading an article recently about navigating the music business the topic of attitude came up. The writer explained that you could have all the correct boxes ticked with regards you planning your music career but without the correct attitude you will struggle to overcome the smallest of obstacles along the way. However, a positive attitude will help you get your head around any obstacles you might encounter along the way. To be a dreamer is one thing but to actually go out there and pursue your dreams is where you really see the power of attitude and how you as an individual can use it to attract all you desire into your life. Every time I have achieved something in my life I always reflect back and attitude stands out above every other quality. When people would say no, I who say yes. When people would say how, I would always say (quietly to myself) you just watch me. This is my attitude and I alone have 100% control over it and I have used this attitude my whole life to achieve my dreams and I will continue to do so.

So if you ever come up againsts obstacles in your life that you feel are too big to handle, you should always remember this, You as an individual are in complete 100% control of your attitude!