"Odyssey" European Tour - Blog 1

I’m getting set to hit the road in the next few days and I’m really excited to have this opportunity to share my music with so many people. My tour begins in Switzerland on the 12th April and I will be playing over 100 shows in almost 20 different countries across Europe. I’ve learn’t so much just through organising the tour and I’m excited to learn even further as I venture out on this journey.

What this process has taught me above everything, is that you can only grow and develop as a person as you venture outside of your comfort zone. This is where real growth and development happens. It doesn’t happen when we are comfortable, it will only ever happen outside of our comfort zone. Another thing that I’ve also learnt from this experience is that we all need goals in life to look forward to. Something that you will wake up to and say “Right I gotta get this done today to reach my Ultimate goal. For example, when i’m finished this upcoming tour, I’m planning to record some of my favourite traditional Irish songs for finger-style guitar and vocals. I also plan to tour to promote this record. I find this keeps me driven and motivated to keep on keeping on ;)

Keep on pushing the limits of what it is you think you can achieve and go even further. Again, for myself this is why I will be making a documentary of the tour. I want to document what it’s like as an independent touring musician and look back on this documentary in a few years and see how far I have come. Not everything goes to plan and that is totally fine! The key is to embrace the process and love what it is you do. This is what makes it easy and more than doable. No matter what it is you are wanting to achieve in this life the important thing is to love the process and to never attach yourself to a preconceived outcome. Otherwise you will be forever approaching life from an unfulfilled and unhappy place, always expecting to reach this preconceived outcome. This is what I’ve personally learnt and for me I’m loving the process and I’m loving life ;)

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.